tuonane baadaye marafiki yangu!

{I will see you later my friends!}

It’s hard to believe yesterday has already come and gone;  my kwaheri {goodbye} at Amani Nairobi.  I am just so grateful.  Rather than a day of sorrow and hard goodbyes, it was a day of “see-you-laters” and heart-felt joy, celebration and SO MUCH laughter!  I am overflowing with love for all of my Nairobi sisters.

Since I am Kenyan now and this is my home, I am only going on vacation and will be back soon :)

Monicah leading us in worship.

So much laughter as I try to give the devotional in Kiswahili.

Thanks for translating into English Betty!

Sweet words.

Bestowed with hand-made Amani gifts.

Big hug from Lucy after prayers over me for the future, not withholding my “new” husband and firstborn! Ha! Yep, that’s Amani style folks. Love it!

So many hugs!

And so much laughter, especially with Jeritta-son!

And then some tears…

Picking pictures.


We’re having twins next year {Lord willing}… Amani Chicago and Amani South Sudan!

Potentially THE BEST hugger!

Ceci and mama…

I will miss her little voice that floats so sweetly through the Amani compound.

There are no words!

Beautiful friends.

My dear Ma Sandi…

Just when I thought I was done crying…


My right-hand lady… a face of strength, perseverance, beauty.

Asanteni sana.

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