mt. longonot – check!

When you live in Nairobi and come across a chance to get out of the city, you take it. Mt. Longonot is only about 1.5 hours away so Anke, Doret, Annette and Andreas and I took advantage and decided to climb it today. It was incredible… fresh air, beautiful vistas, excellent exercise… Here are a few (or maybe more than a few) pics of what we saw. I’m so thankful we got to enjoy this today and had the best weather. Thank you Lord!

We climbed about 3km to get to the rim.

Half way up.

If I had waited a little longer I could have captured people hiking in their socks or barefoot.

View from the rim. We made it in just over an hour!

View inside of the crater.

Alright, let’s hike around this rim (about 7km)…

…AFTER we eat some lunch! Perfect spot under an acacia tree.

“daughter crater” I’m guessing it’s maybe half the height of the “momma crater” we were hiking?

Hike down into the crater anyone? Only if there is a heli to air lift us out!

Hard Core! Ha, not really, but it felt great to reach the summit!

And now we descend, which turned out to be way harder than the ascent.

There were quite a few school groups on the hike up to the rim.  But only a few made it around the rim.  These little guys were precious, dressed like scouts complete with walking sticks.

Anke’s favorite

Breathtaking… Did we just climb that?!  It took us about 3 hours to get around the rim, but we did take lots of breathing and picture breaks.

Almost at the bottom. The buffalo didn’t show but we did see about 10 giraffes, some gazelles and zebra across the valley on our descent. Oh Kenya, I love you and your signs.

A look back from the park gate.  Well done guys!

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