Lewa Half Marathon – check!

Watch out. We are running wild!

Driving into the Lewa Conservancy.

Camp life.

{Unfortunately the massage therapist and chef were not ours.}

Night before the race.  Checking out the start… we’re so ready!

Woke up at 5:30a in freezing weather {could see my breath} to the sound of the first helicopter heading out over the course to clear it of wild animals. Exciting!

Ready, Set… and GO!  Rumor was Prince William would run the race.  We thought maybe he’d land at the start in this helicopter with his entourage.  Nope.  No show!

Is this Out of Africa?!  Truck spectators.  Maasai warriors pass out water.

So many {cheeky} hills… “one of the world’s hardest marathons.”  Amazing scenery… “one of the world’s most beautiful marathons.”

Well protected from the wild.  First place male marathoner about to lap me.  {I love how tired the half marathon guy in green looks compared to the Kenyan marathoner!  Thankfully I’m not in this picture… can’t say I looked any better.}

Almost done!  Anke and I finish strong… and thankfully I wasn’t last.

Kenyan Mzee {elder} with spunk and speed… finished before me, yikes. Water bottles. Post-run feet… that is not a tan line!

All packed up and heading out of the park… Off to rest at Sweetwaters Tented Camp for some r&r with friends. What an amazing experience for my first half marathon!

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