city of Nairobi + rainy season = ???

… a very large chance for VERY LARGE rats!  EEEK!  This week has been exhausting and mostly because I have new furry “friends” with 15″ tails scurrying about in my ceiling during the wee hours of the night.  That’s right, rats have invaded my attic and have been waking me up in terror every night at 3:45ish with their scampering, sliding and screeching.  EEEEW!

I’ve been told by the rodent guy “they come in at night as it usually warm in the ceiling and they move out in the morning. This is particularly due to the rainy season as their homes (usually in drainage’s, holes etc) get flooded and they tend to move out and look for alternatives. In this case the roof.”  We’ve (and by “we” I mean my landlord and the rodent guy) been putting poison and traps up there for a 2 days now and they are slowing down.. but not completely.  I learned that the lady across the street at the duka (shop) dumps her trash in our drainage system, so they feed there and then crawl right up to me when the rain fills the drains.  My landlord said they’re huge rats and that they feed better than many humans in Kenya.  (They may eat more, but “better”?)  He started telling me they’re the size of cats with 15″ tails and that I should go up in my attic to see for myself.  NO THANK YOU.  And so while 1/2″ of ceiling board separates me from terror, he told me this is part of life in Nairobi.  He said just to be sure I have a pot or pan next to my bed to hit one JUST IN CASE they come into my flat.  Seriously?!  This was after he said in an email to me, “There is no way they can enter into your apartment through the ceiling at any time.  Have a lovely weekend.”

And so from the advice of my best friend, I’ve been telling myself they aren’t cat-sized-rats… they are just cute little bunnies!  A momma just had babies, so they playing around up there, jumping over each other and sliding around, laughing and singing and having fun… And as soon as that works, I’ll let you know!  *sigh*  I really thought I was braver than this, but it turns out, NOPE!  I don’t care… I admit it… I am completely freaked out by this.  I just keep begging and praying that they don’t fall through the ceiling on me.  AHHH!!!

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One Response to city of Nairobi + rainy season = ???

  1. Sarah says:

    HA! Ohmygoodness Ali that sounds TERRIBLE! I mean, I had spiders and cockroaches and lizards (oh my) in my house, but never rats! *chills and shivers* I love your landlord’s “reassurance”:) Keep us updated on your wild kingdom. Might be time to get a cat…

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