Karibu Kenya!

Quick update: The padres have made it safely to Kenya with all of their luggage!  I am so thankful and we’re doing great… Yet there was one small incident last night.  A little geco was hanging out in my flat last night and my mom almost stepped on it.  Yep, there was a small scream, which quickly lead to her zipping all of her suitcases…. Karibu Kenya momma!

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3 Responses to Karibu Kenya!

  1. aiyamichelle says:

    PS. We released this little guy back out into the world off of my balcony… for those of you who were questioning the airtight trap :)

  2. Seth says:

    Haha! Hope the visit is incredible!

  3. Mel says:

    How exciting to have your parents there! Enjoy the time!

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