How nice are they?!

Recently I’ve been blabbing to everyone about my parents coming to Kenya (yay, yay, YAY!) because I just can’t believe it and I just can’t wait!  So this week when I went in to pay my rent to the manager of my apartment, there was no exception.  I asked him if there would be any way possible they could change the sheets on my bed on a certain day, so they’d be fresh and clean for my parents.  (My apartment is furnished which includes a change of linens 2x/week – so nice!)  He responded, “Well, where are you going to sleep?”  I told him on the couch, no big deal.  And he said, “Oh no, you can’t do that.  You’ll get back problems.  We’ll give you an extra mattress while they’re here.  What else do you need?”  Seriously?  How nice are they?!  So when I came home this afternoon, this is what I found:

Thank you Lord for providing such kind people around me (and thank you that I won’t get back problems now!).  Oh, and did I mention that my parents depart from Detroit TODAY!??!?!

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