Ndengu Day

So many people ask about what I eat in Kenya.  Truthfully, I eat a lot of the same foods I do in the states.  But on Thursday afternoons I go traditional and eat Ndengu at Amani… and I LOVE it!  Ndengu is made with green grahams, cooked with carrots.  So so nice!  I am always happy on when I hear it is Ndengu Day!

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2 Responses to Ndengu Day

  1. Sara says:

    YUM! Wish I could be there to have some of that delishesness too.

  2. Donna Wood says:

    Hey ~ Baby Girl! We can’t wait to throw our arms around you and spend 2+ glorious weeks with you!!!!! I’m so glad you went back to keeping up this blog. I love it! I get such a real look at what moments in your daily life are like. It will be such a blessing to walk in your footsteps with you. This whole trip is getting very real today. We’ve been packing and actually getting ready for Saturday’s flight. Yikes! I’m excited and a bit scared all in one. When Dad asked me what scares me, I said “going over the ocean makes me a little uncomfortable.” Then I thought about it and realized that if we were going to crash…… is land a better choice????? Ahhhhh….I’ll be glad to get to Kenya for sure! Love you so much, Toots ~ Mom

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