St. Andrews School in Turi, Kenya

Last week we had the awesome privilege of hosting a group of 7 yr old students from a boarding school in Turi, Kenya.  The represent the Junior Choir for their school and were performing in Nairobi in the afternoon so spent the morning with us!  Joyce, our Country Director, was excited to host them.  In her words, “It is one of our great joys at Amani for us to build into our children and pass peace on to them!”

They were welcomed with song by Josephine, our Amani Watoto (Children of Peace) leader and were lead on a tour of the facility.  It was so cool to have the Amani women introduce themselves and share what country they are from because the kids did the same and some were from the same countries and found joy in that!  (Kenya, Uganda, Congo…)

They learned about love and forgiveness through our Unity Quilt.  Each panel here shares how different African cultures practice forgiveness.  And then they learned how true and lasting forgiveness happens through Christ alone.  {Can you find the red cross?)

I got to be a part of it by creating an Amani Watoto banner for them, which was also was a craft project.
It was such a joy to have these kids visit and make their hand-mark and learn what it means to be an ambassador of peace.  I couldn’t stop smiling all day because of them.  Before playing on the playground and eating lunch in the garden, they left us with two songs.  Enjoy!

st andrews junior choir_1 from Ali Wood on Vimeo.

st andrews choir_2 from Ali Wood on Vimeo.

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