Fashions for Freedom

Last year we launched Amani Ya Juu in the war-torn country of Liberia.  How did we do this?  With a fashion show!  Yes, that’s right… A fashion show in the middle of the jungle!  The story of Liberia holds a lot of tragedy and even today many people are forced into prostitution and human trafficking to feed their families due to the lack of any other industry there.  In Liberia, we wanted the community to realize this is not okay and that their women, their young daughters, are made in God’s image and are too valuable to be treated in such a way.  We wanted to stand against this atrocity and provide another way for the women in their community.  And so to share this message we held a fashion narrative in the community where Amani Ya Juu was planted, to share a story of spiritual TRANSFORMATION through fashion.

With the help of fashion designer Korto Momolu, a native of Liberia herself who fled to the USA at age 6, we were able to have high fashion donated to us.  She created garments out of African textiles that tell a story.  A story in three sections: Separation, Transformation and Celebration.  As the clothes transform from dark to light, so does the hope that these women discover which ultimately comes to fruition with a celebration of true peace, true dignity and true worth.

I don’t want to give too much away, but in Southeast Michigan, this story is going to be told again with these same garments!  Please come and support this powerful event.  The cost of your presence goes toward supporting Amani Liberia.  And be prepared to shop too.  Amani Ya Juu products from our Liberia center as well as Nairobi and Burundi will be available for you!

It is a joy for me to know that you will get a taste of my African experience stateside… so go get your ticket, be transformed and ENJOY!

{a sneak peak of the garments!}
{the runway we created in the dilapidated theatre ruined by war}

{watching the show!  this was the first time this town had come together as a community in over 20 years because of war}

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