How to celebrate a birthday in Kenya:

1. Start the night before.  Have dinner with British friends in their charming cottage along with your “Kenyan parents” and fun Hollywood guy.  Be sure to eat the bread pudding.

2. Spend the night in the country and wake to chirping birds, blue sky and warm breezes.  Then enjoy a true American southern breakfast, complete with grits, country ham, biscuits and gravy!

3. Wear a pretty dress to work made by the women your committed to loving and serving daily!

4. Avoid Betty and dark corners… She will try to dump water over you to celebrate if you let down your guard.

5. Accept multiple hugs and blessings ALL day long from Amani friends.

6. Salivate over the carrot cake your sweet friend brought to you sneakily at your desk.

7. Allow yourself to be treated to an Amani salad and good convo over lunch in the garden with your director and friend.

8. Start a new exercise regimen with Jillian Michaels, because after all, you aren’t getting any younger.  And don’t expect the soreness to start in the morning.  It starts immediately.

9. Definitely take in the love from local friends with their calls and sms’s as well as messages from friends in the states.  AND for sure talk to your best friend back home and skype with your family so you can enjoy their faces and sweet voices.10. Don’t forget to eat some of your favorite food for dinner… potato nachos!

11. End the night in thanksgiving to God for His goodness, all the while eating that carrot cake that’s been calling out to you all day long!

12. And know that your birthday will be extended for some Friday fun and that Betty is still waiting to “wash” you with love :)

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One Response to How to celebrate a birthday in Kenya:

  1. Sara A says:

    Happy Birthday, Ali!! Thinking of you today! Glad it sounds like it was a very special day. Also loved seeing Frank and Dottie’s delightful breakfast on the nice china plates. :) Happy birthday sweet friend.

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