Progress with baby Cecellia!

There is always a baby around at Amani, so when I walked into the Distribution room today I didn’t even notice the screaming baby… let alone notice that I was the cause of this angst!  Baby Cece isn’t used to having many wazungu (light skinned people) around, so I came as quite a shock to her.  She’s only 16 months and hasn’t remembered me from last year.  We tried and tried to get her to understand I was a loving auntie… everyone hugged me to show that I am safe and okay but it only solicited a somber face and wave in the end.  Hmm… I don’t like it when a child is afraid of me and being an aunt is one of my favorite things, so I didn’t give up.  It’s my hope that soon she’ll be running into my arms!

Well, look at this… by the end of the day we had progressed to fist bumping!

Untitled from

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One Response to Progress with baby Cecellia!

  1. Debbie Noetzel says:

    Ali, so good to see you have made it back. And a big Whew! that little Cecilia is warming up to you. Loved the video and seeing Elizabeth in the background. Blessings from Amani DC, Debbie

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