see you later usa! {kwaheri}

I’m crunching for time… supposed to be in the car right now on the way to the airport… eek!  The snow this morning is making us feel the pressure to leave a little earlier than planned today.

I had this really thoughtful and deep post I had been working on titled, “How does it feel?” in relation to my goodbye… was feeling cool about the Bob Dylan reference…  But I ran out of time to finish it, so this is what you get!

So this is my “see ya later” USA!  I’m excited and nervous.  Sometimes I feel like I could get to Kenya with my eyes closed by now but I still get nervous.  Please keep me in your prayers for safe travel and for all of my luggage to arrive, etc.  My flight departs at 5:55p EST today and I should arrive in Nairobi around 8:40p {that’s 12:40p EST}.

Thank you for your prayers!   God is with me.  I will let you all know when I am there safely as soon as I can get online.
Love and hugs…

{This is the weather I am leaving in Michigan.}

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