Oh, the gluttony…

My dad is just the sweetest.  Hands down, you can’t beat him.  This past weekend he gave me a call and said that I needed to make a list of every food that I miss and can’t get while I’m in Africa because we were going to eat it all this week…  “I don’t care if we have a million leftovers, you just tell me what you want to eat and we’ll get it.”

Now I’m usually not a supporter of gluttony but this act of love and sweetness just melted me… literally it brought me to tears!  So what have I been eating all week?!  Hamburgers, Spatz garlic bread, broccoli, grapes, cheese, cheese, cheese… fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream on top, cherry Toaster Strudels, Doritos, chili dogs, hard salami, Napolitano bread… and of course, Taco Bell!

I’m not saying I’m proud of this week-long binge, but I am thankful for this abundant gift.  Thanks Dad – You are too wonderful to me!

{trying to pose with garlic bread is a funny thing… we’re just not sure why!}

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One Response to Oh, the gluttony…

  1. Seth Koehler says:

    Love it! Hope you got to eat some of his salsa too. We really enjoyed the jar you brought down for us.

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