“How many days is it until Wednesday?”

I recently got to spend time in Chicago with my sister’s family one last time before heading back to Kenya.  It was an awesome time and part of that was because I got to take all of the kids on their own individual dates!  Poor Ry had to wait the longest though, almost a week before we could hang just us.  (We went to this bounce house obstacle course thing… I have a whole new respect for the people on Survivor!)  Anyways, here’s a sample of our conversations leading up to the bounce house:

Ry: “Ali, when do WE get to go on our special date?”
Ali:  “Wednesday Ry, that’s our day!”
Ry: “How many days is it until Wednesday?”
Ali:  “5 more days kiddo…”  “4 more days…” “only 3 more days Ry!”

You get the picture.  Well, now that I’m so close to returning to Kenya, I find myself asking myself those same questions!  “Wait, how many more days?”  Or as friends in Kenya say, “How many more sleeps?!”  Only 3 sleeps left and I find myself sleepless.  I am just so excited to get back and spend time with my friends!

  • get international driver’s permit – CHECK!
  • secure housing in Nairobi – CHECK!
  • submit lease extension for condo – CHECK!
  • shop at SAM’s for peanut butter to take back – CHECK!
  • complete taxes – CHECK!
  • finalize GCM paperwork – CHECK!
  • do laundry and pack – almost a CHECK!
  • eat grapes (which are too expensive to buy in Nairobi) – CHECK!

All that’s left to do is spend tomorrow sewing with my mom, finish my packing, and say only a handful of goodbyes…

  • thankful for this time at home – CHECK!
  • excited to get back to Amani Ya Juu & Nairobi to see people I love – CHECK!
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2 Responses to “How many days is it until Wednesday?”

  1. Michael C says:

    I appreciate the link to Facebook. Good entries.

    One thing: it’s “Wednesday”, not “Wedesnday”. ;o)

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