with love…

Happy Birthday Mom!

This post is in honor of an amazing woman, my mom.  Today is her _ birthday (you’re welcome for the skip on that!) and from the moment I was born she has not stopped loving on me wholeheartedly.  She protects me when she can, teaches me all she knows (including sewing) and plain spoils me rotten whenever I am with her.  Before I left for Kenya I asked her if she’d be willing to make me a small quilt… just something I can have with me overseas to remind me of her, to wrap up in and feel loved when I’m homesick.  She accepted and went ABOVE and BEYOND what I ever could have imagined!  In addition to working out a fun pattern with some of my fav Amy Butler prints, she surprised me and gathered about 50 notes from family and close friends and hand-traced them onto fabric.  The entire back of this quilt is filled with reminders of love and words of encouragement.  There are even handprints from both of my parents on both sides so when I wrap the quilt around me I get hugged!  What a lady!  Thanks mom for all you do and who you are.  I praise God for creating such a loving mom for me.  It’s your birthday, yet we are the ones who are blessed.  BIG hugs and kisses to you… love your favorite youngest daughter!

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One Response to with love…

  1. Mom says:

    Wow, Baby Girl……… I don’t think I could feel more love than I do in this very moment. This has been such an awesome day ~ so incredibly busy with Skypes, phone calls, and visits from family and friends. Everyone has gone to such an extent to let me know and feel their love from close at hand and across the miles. I am SO blessed. Because of so many interruptions today, I almost went to bed without checking your blog (which I had intended to do right after we Skyped today!!!!). You totally filled my bucket, dear heart! I didn’t find at all what I expected. Instead I found a beautiful b’day gift from your heart that will warm my heart ’til I hold you in my arms next December! Thanks for your beautiful entry. It humbles me, (and of course :) ) brought me to tears. I love you more than you could ever know, Toots. I thank God every day for His blessing me with YOU!

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