organic farmers market

I had the loveliest {that’s the Welsh influence on my vocab} morning with a new friend today. We started off with coffee at Dorman’s and then headed over to the organic farmers market in Karen. There’s been a banner up over Ngong Road advertising this for awhile and I’ve been wanting to check it out. Well today we did, and I’m so glad! It was fantastic! The prices were the same as a grocery and the atmosphere relaxing and beautiful. I bought lettuce, tomatoes and avocados as big as your head. Okay, maybe not that big, but for 20ksh {about $0.25} I got an avocado that is bigger than I’ve EVER seen in the US… bigger than a softball!   As we were leaving I couldn’t help to think how funny it is to go to an organic farmers market in Africa because when you get home you have to bleach all your produce.  There’s something very wrong about that…!  At any rate, I think I need to make this part of my Saturday routine.

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One Response to organic farmers market

  1. Seth says:

    yum, bleach flavored produce! delish.

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