car ride home

I got the chance to drive one of the women home from work today.  She has been really sick and it was obvious that riding in a matatu would not be easy on her.  As I drove she opened up to me a bit.  I asked her if she’d share with me how she got to Amani.  She said, “Oh, you mean my autobiography?!”  I smiled and said, “Yes!”

She grew up near the rift valley in rural Kenya.  When she finished Form 4 {last year of highschool} about 20 years ago conflict broke out in their area.  There was constant fighting between all of the tribes.  Both of her parents died and she was left alone.  There was no food, no water and no work.  She found herself having to live “on the run”, hiding constantly to avoid the violence from the conflict.  She said {with an emotionless face} she had no choice but to marry for her survival.  A few years and childred later, violence continued.  Her husband left one night to help fight/defend their tribe and he never returned home since.  She was a widow with two small children and 7 months pregnant.  She moved to Nairobi to live with her cousin.  Her cousin told her about Amani Ya Juu and she went to them asking for work.  She had some health issues at the time and was so close to giving birth that she decided to start with them after her child was born.  Her cousin had to completely provide for her as she came with nothing, no means.  Being able to work at Amani, which she says she really enjoys, she has been able to pay her cousin back and now provide a way for her children to be fed, to have a home and to have money for school fees.  She said over and over, “I am so grateful for that.  I am so thankful to be able to take care of my children.”

This lady works really hard… she is a fighter, a survivor, a beautiful soul.  Please pray for her healing and for God’s continued grace and provision in her life.  Thank you for the meaningful car ride home today my friend.


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