and rain fell on the earth…

{image  from Jo Bayley blog}

I’m going to take a guess and say the rainy season has begun!  Could it have been the constant drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip on the roof last night?  Or is it the new sporadic loss of power?  Or maybe the previously white dog that is now red from the mud?!  Yep, dusty dry days… I’m afraid we are saying goodbye for now.   I’m learning it may rain in the morning and then sun in the afternoon, or vice versa, or rain all day or rain all night… the only thing we can be sure of these next few months is that it is going to be wet!  {I should have brought my polka dot wellies to Kenya!}  It’s nice to smell fresh rain, however, I will miss you hot sun. Please be a visitor as often as you can.  And rain, please pace yourself… we do not want to go from droughts to flooding…

{from Madre website}

On my drive home today {with 4 extra women snug in my car} we saw some of the cutest school children walking home in their matching uniforms under a HUGE palm leaf. I wish I could have captured that image on camera.  It was precious!  The reason I had 4 ladies in my car is because getting home in the rain is a mess!  And I’ve learned that matatu’s, the main form of transportation for most Amani women, double their fees when it rains.  Isn’t that lovely and fair?  It’s bad enough imagining yourself sitting in that van, let alone sitting in that van with everyone wet!

{grabbed this under a matatu image search… sorry i forgot the owner, but I do not take credit for this photo!}

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