Nairobi Hospital

Today I went to the Nairobi Hospital for the first time. No, not for me. There is a mom at Amani who’s son is very sick.  During visitor hours today, seven of us hopped into the Amani van and went to see them. They were in the children’s ward with wall’s flanked in cartoon characters. When we got into their room he was watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse on TV.  It’s amazing how universal that mouse really is in bringing joy to kids around the globe!  What else is crazy is that as I’m walking through the hospital I could name, by manufacturer, all of the different floor tiles used throughout the hallways and lobby.  That’s just weird… the mind of a designer!

Anyways, I wanted to share this quick story with you because these two need your prayers. The little boy is growing very thin and hasn’t been able to keep food down for awhile.  They are saying they need to stabilize him before they can do anything.  He’s had heart issues since he’s been born and it sounds like now they finally need to go ahead with heart surgery. He is 5 years old.  It breaks my heart that such a tiny body has to go through such a big and scary procedure.  His mom is just exhausted and worried and sick herself.  Part of her is frustrated too because it is taking SO long to get anything done in the hospital with test results and seeing the cardiologist… and of course, the longer they are kept there, the more money the hospital makes.  Please keep them both in your prayers for strength, quicker (but excellent) service and healing these next few weeks.

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