thank you for the birthday love!

yep, today is my birthday… and you were all so good to me – thank you!  it started with a breakfast birthday card from dottie when i woke up, followed by many birthday prayers and hugs from my friends at amani.  two of my close friends there sang to me and gave me a gift of bread they had bought for me.   they have such sweet hearts…  *insert mine melting here*




in the afternoon my friends from the house came to amani for a tour and some shopping.  it was really great to be able to share with them who/what i love so much.  it was hard to get them out of the shop!

after work i had skype dates set up with my family and wouldn’t you know the interwebs were down!!!  agh!  i was able to call my parents {yay!  so good to hear their voice on my birthday!}  to let them know what was happening and they told me my nephew ran to the couch, buried his head in a pillow and started sobbing when he found out we wouldn’t be able to talk… ouch!  bless his soft little heart!

later that evening everyone from the house took me out to a GREAT restaurant for dinner called Mediterrano… mmm… pasta, pesto, bread… i was so thankful for such a nice treat!







and THEN, oh yes, it continues…!  lindy make me a birthday cake!  i particularly love the candle… can you see it?  and PRAISE GOD our internet was working when we got home from dinner so i could skype with my sister and the boys!!




thanks too for all of the emails and notes you’ve sent my way today.  i missed you all at home so much, but wow, God is so good to provide new friends here so i was not feeling alone…  thank you everyone!  i love you!

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5 Responses to thank you for the birthday love!

  1. kristin says:

    so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!! it is great to see you being so loved and taken care of. :) happy birthday! love you!

  2. caseyfire says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! So glad to hear that it was filled with love :) (this is Kristin writing this, by the way)

  3. Graig and Sara says:

    Ditto! We’re so glad you had a special day. Happy birthday!!

  4. michael c says:

    glad you enjoyed your b-day. BTW, I bumped into Steve ‘n’ Jean at Meijer this afternoon, and we mentioned about your being in Kenya. We all miss you here in MI!

  5. Shan says:

    I need to figure out a way to post skype snapshots on your blog…either that, or I need to start looking at myself in the mirror before chatting with you! Love you lots.

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