hearts and kisses

i got my first piece of mail this week!!!  Oh glory, how fun!  The A ladies sent me some valentines crafts… so sweet and thoughtful.  i love it!  My sun-catcher hearts are hanging on my bathroom mirror to remind me every morning when i get up that i am loved back home… Thanks Sar, M, K and A!

Other exciting news is that our friend D got accepted into boarding school for high school!  She is good friends with M, so it was perfect timing to pass on a heart to her to hang up in her new dorm room which is 6 hours away from her parents, Thomas and Zippy {our friends and house help}.  I pray it will be a visible reminder to her that she too is loved by many and in the hands of the perfect Comforter, Protector and Provider – Christ.  They left this morning… so sad to say goodbye but we taught her to say “see you later” because it is not the end.  Just having said so many “see you laters” recently, broke my heart for this sweet 13 year old who is leaving home for the first time.  It doesn’t matter what country or culture you live in, the heartache of leaving loved ones is universal.

{D with her mzungu grandparents, Frank and Dottie… she loved your heart M!}

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One Response to hearts and kisses

  1. Sara A says:

    Glad you felt loved because you ARE!!

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