day 1 of my amani new year

i’ve dreamt of this day for 2-1/2 years!  As i sat at my desk this morning {chai in hand} i couldn’t believe it was really true.  “God, pinch me!  You are so good!”  i got to eat lunch with one of my closest friends at Amani and she shared how excited they were that i could be there and be a blessing to them.  At that i shook my head and said, “No dear Z, it goes both ways.  You ladies bless me more than you’ll ever know.”

Today was pretty slow for me.  i mostly observed the distribution department to re-familiarize myself with their processes and work flow.  During that time i got to see pictures of the dept managers family and hear updates on what has happened in her life since i last saw her.  She has graduated from business school and now yearns to take counseling classes to further herself.  When i dug deeper about why counseling she replied {my paraphrase}, “When i retire at 60, I want to have some training with a scriptural foundation so I can volunteer in my church.  We have an outreach to the Masai girls who have fled their tribe to avoid female g mutilation or because they are being forced into abusive marriages at the age of 4 and 5.  These girls have much trauma happen to them and they need a mother.  I think I can do that.”


{Tony Karumba/ AFP/ Getty Images}

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