my soul is singing!

Hello friends…

i am looooong overdue on catching you all up on this blog.  Pole sana!  It’s been almost a full week since i arrived at NBO and things are looking up.  The transition has been harder than i thought it would be.  Getting sick just before i departed Detroit didn’t help and then the jetlag.  But that’s minor and it’s never hurt so much before.  Combined with the emotion of the last month of goodbyes… the upheaval of all things known… that’s scary and exhausting stuff, even when you are in a place you’ve been excited about for over a year!  But our God is faithful and good.  He’s teaching me patience and perseverance as i transition and navigate this new unknown.  Thankfully He is not unknown.

We’ve done a lot this week… i went to a birthday party Saturday night with Chris and Lindy {the couple i live with} and met lots of great new people {most of whom had the best British accents!}, went to my new church on Sunday, been to Nakumat {local grocery store} a few times, got my phone and car situated, went to Westgate shopping center, a Masai market, Artcafe, visited the Saint Boys, caught up with Thomas and Zippy, have been cooking with Dottie and Lindy at the house… and somewhere in there i’ve tried to unpack and sleep!

i know some of you who are newer to this African adventure are anxious to see some pics of where i live, etc.  Here’s a snapshot of the guest house i stay at and of the yard… the flowers are absolutely GORGEOUS here right now!  i won’t mention the temp here either to my mid-west folks ;)

Here’s a pic of the car i’m leasing.  i asked for small and small was delivered!  i love it!  i’m thinking i might borrow Sara A’s idea and have a naming contest, yeah?  i know my co-workers are especially talented at naming things, so let the games begin!  {Jon Roe, don’t let me down!}

Something exciting is that Chris and Lindy are having a baby this June!  Yesterday they got to find out if it is a boy or girl…  we decorated and anxiously awaited there return to the house to find out!  And for those of you that know CT/LT, don’t ask me ’cause i’m NOT going to tell you what it is!  They want to surprise you :)

And my biggest personal news of the week is that i headed to Amani for the first time today….!  i was planning to take the first week here to rest and settle in a bit, but i just. couldn’t. resist! i needed to get to the place where my heart is to remind myself the reason for this move.  It’s just like satan to fill the mind with questions and doubts when you’re doing something he hates.  So i got in my tiny little car and headed over this morning.  OH WHAT JOY it is to be plowed over with hugs from Maggie and Bella and Zipporah and so many more!  My soul was singing praises for this reunion.  A dream fulfilled.  What was going to be a quick drop in to greet the women turned into a 4 hour catch-up plus lunch!  They look good, healthy.  Work is abundant.  Their children have grown.  Others have had baby’s since i was there last.  We ate ugali, sekuma wiki, cabbage.  His peace thrives there and is alive again in my heart.  A beautiful day indeed.  Just what I needed to help me settle.

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11 Responses to my soul is singing!

  1. Jon says:

    I need some more info about the car. What kind of car is it? It looks like a Fiat Panda, but I could be wrong. Here are a few choices to start you out with:

    White LIghtning
    The Fanta Wagon (they drink Fanta in that part of the world)
    Vita-Car (The car is small enough to be a vitamin)

    We’ll see what else I can think of.

  2. dem says:

    thanks for the update. i got a little teary-eyed at the end when you described your joyful visit to amani. :) hope you get settled in soon!

  3. Emily says:

    So good to hear what’s going on with you, Ali! I’m thankful you had such a great reunion with the ladies and we’ll be praying that the homesickness goes away soon. Blessings!

  4. Kristin Yorman says:

    What a blessing to know that you are safe in the arms of our Lord, exactly where He wants you. Be blessed friend :)

  5. kristin says:

    i love seeing pictures of where you are and hearing that you felt so much peace when you were reunited with the women! so sad to hear you were sick when you left though… ugh! i hope things continue to settle in nicely!

  6. Meghan says:

    So glad you’re there safely! We found out on Monday that we’re having another girl!

    • aiyamichelle says:

      yay! yay! yay! oh, that is so exciting!!! i can’t even imagine how precious that will be…two adorable girls… ell as a big sister!! i’m so excited for you guys meghan! thanks for sharing the great news!

  7. Shan says:

    Love the pictures and the flowers and the e-sung praises! I’ll have to send you some skiing pictures to remind you of us frozen folks back home :) Miss you….

  8. Andrea R. says:

    Shedding tears of joy for you Ali! What an incredible journey of God’s faithfulness. He doesn’t let us down, does He? Keep living the dream, girl!

    Love you!

  9. NIchole says:

    oh, ali! it warms my heart to read this post. i am so glad to hear you felt so much peace when you arrived at amani. God has been so good and so faithful!

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