home again…

Hello all… I made it home safely yesterday {praises!} and am slowly re-entering the western world.  The past few weeks have been absolutely incredible and I have to confess I’m not exactly ready to be in the states again.  But doesn’t that happen with all great trips, or weekends, or anything good?!  Yet the Lord is being more than generous to me as I adjust.  One example:  I was supposed to work 7am-5pm today at my nanny job, but they called last evening to welcome me home and give me today off so I could rest.  What an amazing gift as rest I did today!  I was able to grocery shop and finish my laundry, go to the post office and even sneak in an hour at the pool…  You know it’s weird to come home from Kenya, a country which straddles the equator, and have it be warmer here in Michigan!  That is not a complaint, just an observation!

Other post-Kenya observations:

1. I’ve been driving on the other side of the road for the past two+ weeks, swerving around potholes and always on guard for inevitably getting caught off, passed or walked in front of.  And now that I’m home driving on the other side of the road again, where people follow the laws and speed limits and lane markers {for the most part}, I find myself more nervous driving here!  How crazy is that?!  And I keep turning on my windshield wipers every time I want to turn.. bah!  Everything is backwards again!!!

{This was my borrowed car for those of you who asked…}

2. Where is all of our dirt?  There is so much concrete and everything feels overly manicured here.  I miss the rich red paths and untamed God-made beauty in Kenya.  Graig and Ben got to visit our friend in Abu Dhabi before they arrived in Kenya and when they got to Nairobi I asked Ben {who had never been to either place before} if it was nice to see some green after experiencing the desert.  His response was awesome, “It’s nice to see what God has made.”  I completely agree.

3. Bugs.  I don’t miss you.  I still don’t know where or what or how, but somehow I have itchy bites all over me that are driving me batty.  And I slept under a mosquito net…???

4. I’ve been asked if I’ve had any deep new revelations from my trip.  Was there anything surprising or life-changing?  Hmm, not really?!  My trip was very focused on design and design is what I did.  Yet, I can confidently say that God gave me incredible peace and passion for being in Kenya, so much so that I confess I could have stayed long-term right then and there.  I think you could say that is something huge!!!  To be living in His will is life to the full and I am grateful for receiving His confirmation that I am doing the right work.  I am ready for this next phase of support raising with more focus than ever because my heart aches with confidence to get back to Kenya…

{My friends Monica and Zipporah at Amani… and J Kajuju in the back… it seriously took 6 pictures to get this one and Zipporah’s eyes are STILL closed!  Funny gals, I miss you!}

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One Response to home again…

  1. Sr. Ann deGuise says:

    Your mom and dad stopped in school today to take care of some business. They shared with me your blog. I am truly amazed at how open you have been to God leading your life. I wanted to let you know I am proud of you and will continue to hold you in prayer as you journey in unknown directions. Be strong and continue to share your amazing gifts with God’s people.

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