one busy week!

Once again it’s Friday and the week has completely flown by me.  Pole sana for the lack of updates!

This past week Amani has been hosting an open house.  They’ve rented a tent and some of the older/overstock is on sale.  Please join us in praying it will end strong and fruitful!

Our New Life Church group made it safely to Kenya… yay!  I was supposed to head to Rwanda and Burundi this week with the director to work at the Amani sister centers there, but we ended up canceling because there was SO much work to do here in Nairobi in the short time I am visiting.  I was pretty bummed about this but am promised I’ll get to go in the future.  One benefit to this is that I get to see my friends from home in the evenings, and that really is an encouragement and blessing!

Sunday we went to Karen Vineyard for some Truth and then had lunch at an incredible Lebanese restaurant with some new friends.  The service was really challenging as they talked about “withholding nothing”.  As we studied how Abraham loved and obeyed God with his willingness to sacrifice his only son, we were challenged to consider that God did not withhold from us.  He gave his one and only Son for our lives.  He owe’s us nothing. So what am I still withholding from Him?

Monday night I got to stay with the director and her daughter up in the Limuru area of Kenya {NW of Nairobi}.  Wow, is it beautiful, and colder, up there!  It is a higher elevation than the city, at approximately 7500 ft above sea level.  There are many tea plantations that color the land.  Her home is such a gift of beauty and respite.  This is a glimpse out of my bedroom window…

Wednesday morning the entire household, all 10 of us now, had the privilege to partake in International Justice Mission’s morning Bible Devotion.  I believe these IJM folks are heroes.  International Justice Mission {see link at sidebar} is a Christian “human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.”  We spent about 2 hours with them and got to hear more about the cases they are involved with {which would make you just cringe}, pray together, and encourage one another with God’s promises.  Simply amazing.

I continue to labor on with the design team at Amani this week.  It has been a blur {a fun blur!} trying to get it all done, with sweet moments of laughter and prayer in between.  Even when I am most tired, I am confident there is nothing else I would rather be doing.  A friend of mine drove me to the airport at the start of my trip and said, “You are living the dream!” I have thought of her words often during these last two weeks and it brings a soft smile of awe to my lips.  God is truly amazing to allow me to do this for my work.  I love it!

The World Cup started today… it’s all a buzz here in Nairobi.  Our nightwatchman arrived an hour late tonight because he got caught up watching a match… all things stop for football I guess!  Funny thing is, I am mostly around the women at Amani and the majority of them who are married say they are not looking forward to losing their husbands to the TV for the next few weeks!

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2 Responses to one busy week!

  1. Clare Wechter says:

    Al, it all sounds so amazing, I’m so proud of you!! It has been such a blur for the past two weeks getting settled, that this is the first time I’ve checked your blog. I have it bookmarked though and will be much better at keeping up! How are you? It sounds as though you’re really happy! I’m so looking forward to hearing more, and seeing pics!

    The wedding was great, so fun, you were missed! I will send you pics as soon as I have some. And the baby is kicking so much, what an amazing experience! I’m so excited to be a mom, and hope to get to see you sometime at the end of the summer, or into fall. please send my love to your family, and talk to you soon! Do you skype? Love you, big hug! Clare

  2. Mom says:

    Hey, Toots!
    Do you know what an amazing writer you are????? You could make falling in the mud in your wedding dress sound good! I can’t believe your stay is almost over, though. We miss you so much more just knowing you’re a world away. It feels different than when you’re just down the road in A2. Please call as soon as you can so we can hear your voice and feel your hug. We love you so much, Kiddo!
    Love and hugs…..Mom

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