saint boys

Today has been a blessing…  It started off with some good sleepin’ in after a long work week.  Later in the morning I was excited to hang out with the group staying at the house as we headed out to Kawangware, one of Kenya’s fastest growing slums on the west side of Nairobi.  We spent the day painting the classroom for the Saint Boys which is just to the side of the church and football {soccer} fields on the edge of the slum.  This ministry is for the “street boys, newly renamed by themselves as the Saint Boys. The Saint Boys Project is a part of Only Servants Ministry. It takes boys who live on the street off and helps educate them, teach them about Christ, and show them the unconditional love that Christ shows us. These boys, before they come into the program, have no one to take care of them or watch over them, live in the streets, are normally addicted to sniffing glue to get them high, as well as sometimes addicted to other drugs and alcohol. They are looked down upon in the community, sometimes considered criminals, and also looked upon as untouchables. This program gives them a place to come, learn, have fun, learn about Christ, and see that there is much more to life than the lifestyle they are currently living. A place that they can come and be accepted as they are, and not looked down upon. The purpose is to help make independent people that can be successful, and make healthy disciples of Christ. To help show them that they do not have to be a part of the street for their whole life, that they can be much greater than that.”  {taken from}

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