it’s friday already?!

Wow, time is flying here!  I can’t believe it’s the end of week 1 already.  Amidst the busyness, we’ve had to say goodbye to some wonderful friends at the guest house.  The Helsby’s are a family of 8 working with orphans in Tanzania.  They were in Nairobi on break… you can see more about their work at Mavuno Village here.  What an inspiring and faithful family…  with much energy!  {We all got a little punchy after the 9th photo!}

We’ve been working really hard this week at Amani designing next year’s collections.  It is fun work and I am really enjoying the team!  Most all of my days have been centered in this room pictured below; sketching, pulling fabric samples, writing spec pages and patterns for the ladies to dye new fabric swatches or stitch new product samples for review. Notice the chai amongst my supplies… a Kenyan staple!

One MAJOR  highlight of my week was seeing Maggie!  I shared with some of you that after 19 years of pain and 8 unsuccessful surgeries, she was just able to finally have her hip fixed – truly an amazing miracle!  Please read more about her incredible story here from the doctor’s blog.  I wondered if I would get the chance to see her during this trip because she’s off of work to recover for the month.  But in she walked this week, up a flight of stairs no less, to see us!  I got teary and ran for joy when I saw her… what a great moment!  She has no pain… praise God!

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One Response to it’s friday already?!

  1. Sara A says:

    Hooray for seeing Maggie! Hooray for seeing a pic of my buds at Livingstone!! Hooray for a great first week at Amani!!

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