word of the day: FANTASTIC

My first day back at Amani… Remember how it felt to be a kid on your first day back at school?  You’re nervous to see everyone again, not sure how the year is going to unfold… but excited to see your friends after what seemed like the longest summer break?  That was me today.

The morning commute with Lindy (wife of couple who runs the guest house I stay in) was fantastic.  What a wonderful lady she is… so down-to-earth and just plain fun!  She really helped calm my nerves as we chatted along the way.  After about 3 seconds {literally} of getting out of the car at Amani, I immediately felt peaceful and confident that today would be fantastic.  I’m convinced it’s absolutely impossible to ignore the satiable peace in that place.

I started in the Admin department greeting the staff there.  In Kenya, a greeting is not like the quick passing American greeting that usually goes like this; “hi, how are you?” “good, you?”, “good, thanks”, “good” (and parties continue walking past each other, end of conversation.)  All of which I am totally guilty of!  No, in Kenya you stop and have a long handshake or hug and you move heads 3x back and forth like kissing cheeks in Europe, minus the kissing.  The people at Amani are especially good at eye contact and continuing in this greeting with wanting to know how you really are, how your family is, etc.  It’s nice, really nice.  After some of that and seeing photos of Gladys’s baby on the computer (sadly no baby strapped on her back today!) we went up for prayer and a little bit of worship.  Oh what joy to see everyone again!  …and to hear them worship a cappella…love it!

The rest of the day was spent designing with a team of four of us – 2 Americans and 2 Kenyans.  We reviewed and tweaked the new 2011 color palette’s for products and started in on each collection, reviewing what to keep, tweak and discontinue.  Working as a team was so fun… we started in prayer asking for God to give us wisdom and His creativity and continued on in unison the rest of the afternoon.

To sum it all up; today was FANTASTIC, better than I could have imagined, and should not be surprised by because God is so incredibly faithful and good!  Thank you for all of your prayers!

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2 Responses to word of the day: FANTASTIC

  1. Jean says:

    YAY! I’m SUPER HAPPY to hear that everything is off to a GREAT start!

  2. kristin says:

    so, so glad to hear how well things are going!!!

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