chicken, err… wedding day!

First, lets talk chickens… {If you have a weak stomach – dad – skip to the next paragraph!}  At the side of the house where I stay resides Ebenezer Farms.  It is a good farm {started by the fellas at the house} that raises chickens.  I think they call them “roasted chickens” as opposed to “egg laying chickens” and you can probably guess why.  Today Thomas and Lindy had the task of getting some of our little friends ready for sale.  I went down to check it out.  And then I saw too much.  I’m actually not sure why I’m sharing this all of a sudden…  I don’t have any pictures because I couldn’t stomach it long enough to stay.  I guess I just wanted you to know part of Kenyan life here.  Hmmm…. Bad story.  On to something much better!

Our friend Mary got married today!!!  It was a beautiful wedding!  I was told there were possibly anywhere from 500-700 people there, which is a typical size for a Kenyan wedding.  Wow!  The women were dressed to the nines in the Kitenge outfits, men in suits.  The ceremony was very much like an American wedding with almost all of the same traditions.  The music was amazing!  I thought I took a video of it, but sadly learned when I got home it was of the floor… argh!  The pastors who spoke did an excellent job too I thought (it was in English).  They really did a wonderful job of having everything focused on the Lord and their covenant made with Him today, while also adding humor and a personal touch.  I really loved it!

After the ceremony, there were multitudes of professional pictures and then the food… There were a few crazy long lines of people waiting all the way outside to reach the buffet.  Our dear friend Elizabeth saw us outside and grabbed our arms saying, “You are aliens in our country and we want you to be treated the best.  Come to the front of the line!”  Oh my, did I feel very conspicuous and uncomfortable as we passed the multitudes patiently waiting, but it would have been worse to offend her.  I’m not sure why I always feel the need to photograph mt plate, but I did, so here you go… rice, stew, beans, potato/pea something, chipati… it was delish!

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