volunteers needed!

Awhile back, while still in Kenya actually, I posted a story about lunches at Amani and how they aren’t able to provide them to the ladies every day right now.  When I got home from Kenya, I was moved to learn that someone close to me wanted to know how much it would cost to fill in the gap and get these women lunches.  Wow!  What a generous heart!

I spoke with the director about this and she communicated the reason behind this is the lack of work orders.  Here’s where you can help! I learned the best way for friends of Amani to help is to volunteer to hold a sale.  The women are able to pay for their own lunches when they have enough work to earn an income.  She passed on that if everyone concerned would be willing to hold a sale, it will go a long way in bringing dignity to the women and sustainability to their efforts.

Would you be willing to invite 15-30 people to your house for an hour or two, to share the story of peace?  The process is SO easy.  Amani will ship a box of product to your doorstep.  You open it and make sure it’s all there based on the invoice they send, you sell what you can and what’s left get’s shipped back to the DC warehouse along with the money.  Easy peasy!

If you’d be interested to learn more about these, please send me a comment on the blog OR you can contact Debbie at the Amani DC office directly at volunteer@amaniafrica.org.  Don’t forget you can shop online at http://www.amaniafrica.org to help aid the efforts of these women as well.

Thank you for considering… blessings!

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