a . maz . ing adjective.   causing great surprise or wonder

I am blown away today by God…

Yesterday I shared my slice of life at church {yes, I’ll get that posted soon!} and in that, shared that I have a BIG dream to go back to Kenya for a short trip in June to design the 2011 product line with Amani Ya Juu.  And do you know, that before I put my head down to sleep that very same day, I had the finances offered to me to pay for me to go and make this completely possible!?!  Are you kidding me?!   In preparation for my staff training, I’ve been reading a lot about God prompting people’s hearts to give.  And waa laa, proof of His AMAZING prompting and provision.

This morning I shared that I have a need via email for help getting to/from the airport for staff training.  And in less than 5 minutes I have that need met… What?!

God’s people are so good and generous.  I am feeling ridiculously blessed and cared for today.

namshukuru Mungo sana na marafiki {thank you very much God and my friends}

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One Response to A.MAZ.ING!

  1. sara says:

    Wow! I’m LOVIN’ it. Just step on out there, girl. He WILL make it all happen. Soooooooo thrilled that you will get to be here in Kenya for that planning time. He is good, ALL the time!

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