kenya comes to preschool.

This past Friday I was invited to come to my nephew’s preschool class to teach them about Kenya.  What a cool opportunity to share this part of my life with Luke!  We talked about what the kids in Kenya play with, where they live, what they wear, what school is like, the animals, church… they even learned a little Swahili while I was there!

It was definitely a fun audience for me.  Here’s a little taste of the sharing as we were discussing soccer:

ME:        …Yes, they love to play soccer!  But in Africa they don’t call it soccer.  They have a different name for it.  Can anyone think of the name of another sport the uses your foot and a ball?!

KIDS:     Football!

ME:        Yes, you are right!  They call soccer football in Kenya!

KID #1:  I love to play soccer!  (Everyone else in the background saying, “Me too!”)

KID #2:  Um… this one time, I played soccer with my sister at the park.

KID #3:  I played on a soccer team this summer.

KID #4:  I have a bike!

The attention span was short, but oh, how precious these little ones were!

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2 Responses to kenya comes to preschool.

  1. Sara says:

    soooooooo fun and cute. gotta love kids and their stories.

    can’t wait to see you soon.

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