I am home safe and I am cold!

I made it safely home this afternoon after two uneventful flights, for which I am thankful for.  To remove myself from feeling sad about leaving Kenya, I watched three different movies from Amsterdam:  The Informant, 500 Days of Summer and The Perfect Getaway.  And I actually slept on the first flight this time which is helping me stay awake right now.  {I woke up on the plane at 5:30am Kenya time and right now it is 3:15am in Kenya, so I am going on about 22 hours of wakefulness.  My goal is to stay up until 8 or 9pm EST tonight with no chai supplement!}

Leaving Nairobi was sad for me.  Thankfully I have AMAZING people in my life in the states which is the good part of coming home.  It definitely isn’t the weather!  {A good friend picked me up today who, with other friends, was thoughtful enough to bring my winter coat to me inside the airport, along with a non-bleached apple!  {We have to bleach our fruits and veggies in Kenya…}  And when I walked into my home today, my roommate had hung a hand-made “welcome home ali!” banner across my living room!  My family is asking when they can visit and my best friend is coming tomorrow….. yes, being home is good too.}

I’m sorting through all of the emotions and thoughts I have as the week is wrapping up and a new season is about to begin in my life.  Earlier this week I had my final step of the GCM {Great Commission Ministries} application process in the form of a Skype interview.  I thought I would find out the results this weekend and was going to ask you for prayer, but when I got home today and checked my email, there was a message that I have been accepted!  Wow!  Praise God for this great welcome home news!  Now I need to find a cheap ticket to Florida for training at the end of February… so you could pray for that instead!  Wow, everything continues to fall into place and I am amazed.

One quick backtrack before I go…  Wednesday was my last day at Amani and they sent me off with such love.  They had devotions at the lunch hour because they were closing the books that day and the women could leave after they got their finished products turned in for the period.  When I got there, the room was filled to the brim with almost everyone there (40+), where usually there are about 20 women.  At the end of devotions they prayed for me and thanked me for my time there.  They generously filled me up with loving goodbyes and a handmade gift – meant for me to remember them so I “have to come back!”  For those of you who know me well, you will not be surprised to hear I turned into a teary mess!  It was beautiful.  Earlier, the director and I sat down and talked about all God had done to get me where I am today and how intricately He has all things planned out in our lives as they coincide to His glory.  This party was called a kwaheri (goodbye) party, but I think it was more of a celebration of God’s workmanship in my life and a hint of more to come.

I have so many more reflections to post from my last week there that I feel behind on.  More catch-up to follow after what I hope is a good night’s sleep… in my own bed!

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2 Responses to I am home safe and I am cold!

  1. kristin says:

    so glad you’re home safe! i hope you have a wonderful, restful sleep… we’ll see you tomorrow! i love seeing how everything is falling into place… and how encouraging that the director sees it, too!

  2. michael c says:

    Glad you made it back home and congratulations on your acceptance to GCM staff. :)

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