T&D. Toi. Biashara.

Thursday was a fun afternoon because I got to hang out in the Tie & Dye department!  This is something I am particularly excited about as I hope to spend some time when I get home, working on some block and silkscreen designs.  I’ve never done it before so we’ll see if anything comes of it…  I hope so.  I have always loved to paint but I’ve been scared to jump back in.  Sometimes I think it’s easier to stick with what you know… the problem is, I haven’t been sure about what I even know these days.  I need to jump back in and pursue some of my loves again.

Friday was a “day off” but I headed out to the Toi Market with Sara and Graig and the little ones.  This is a pretty big outdoor market on the edge of Kibera, the 2nd largest slum in Africa.  It was a market mostly of used clothes and vegetables.  The deeper you go in, the better the prices.  I was hoping to find running pants to wear when I return to 12 degree weather… oh man, please tell me its getting warmer at home!  At first I thought it would be odd to find thermal running pants so near the equator in a third world country, but then remembered Kenya has some pretty incredible runners here {who think 60 degree weather is cold}!

On the way home we drove through the edge of Kibera and saw the dukas {stores} that were all destroyed in the post-election violence in 2008.  It was a mix of emotions to see all of this.  It was incredible to see how quickly they’ve revived their livelihoods.  It was also incredible to see the deplorable conditions I’ve heard about for so long {and not even in full depth since we were only on the outskirts} and to learn that this ground used to be a fancy club for the rich.  Just outside of Kibera are polo grounds.  How does one grasp this?  I have no idea but to cling to Christ and His promise of return.

Saturday our clan hopped in Leroy to travel to downtown Nairobi to see Biashara Street.  We had been told by a few that this is the place to go for fabric.  Oooh fabric!  It is frustrating to know that our prices were not what a Kenyan would pay, but you have to get over that to some degree living here.  On the way home we stopped for lunch at one of the Austins favorite restaurants they’ve found here; a Lebanese restaurant called Cedars.  Delicious!  We had a relaxing afternoon and then we made homemade pizza for dinner… and Dotty made apple turnovers for dessert…mmmm, one of my favorite tastes from home!

I have realized that I’ve been talking about food a lot in these posts.  It is odd because I am in a country where many are so so hungry.  When I was living a crazy busy life in Ann Arbor, I found eating annoying because it took too much time to make.  Eating seemed to interfere with my schedule at times.  I have always been thankful for my food, but are you kidding me?!  I am embarrassed to know that spoiled brat.  I am learning that eating should not be an annoyance, but an incredible privilege and gift.  I want to turn a new leaf when I get home and embrace the art of cooking and gift of nourishment.  I want to get away from fast food and enjoy the time of making a meal.  I am excited for this new form of worship to enter into my life.

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One Response to T&D. Toi. Biashara.

  1. Natalie says:


    I am missing you and thinking of you this afternoon. what a beautiful, exciting adventure you are on! I was just listening to a song called “devotion” by hillsong and it reminded me of you! One of the lines says, “I will take up my cross and follow Lord where You lead me. And I will take up my cross and follow wherever you go.” It made me immediately think of you Ali and I want you to know that I am proud of you and that your life is encouraging to me! can’t wait to hear more about your trip!! Kenya looks great and i hope that one day Bisi and I can go with you to see this beautiful place and meet it’s people!! Sending my love!

    To Ali’s mom and Dad: You are amazing and wonderful! One of my favorite things about Ali’s blog is reading your comments to her! The love and support you have given Ali through the years is a priceless gift! God has worked through you in awesome ways and the labor of raising a family is something that is very valuable and precious to our Lord. Praying with you for the safe return of your sweet daughter. God Bless you!!

    Bisi and Natalie

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