Today was a physically productive day… In between morning prayer and afternoon devotions {every day activities at Amani} I got to organize more scraps, design 7 quilts and have a ministry meeting with one of the administrative directors. During our meeting, I was told a story that made me teary and convicted my heart to the core.

One of the ministries that Amani does with the ladies is an annual retreat. They take all of the ladies for a one-night stay to a convent-type place in Nairobi. Each woman gets their own room, which means their own bed and warm shower. Kids are not allowed so the women can really relax. They are also served really good food, food that tastes extra good because they don’t have to make it! I am also told this is the one time in the year that ladies of the same ethnic group join together to perform a traditional dance in traditional garb for everyone to learn about and enjoy. It is a time of joy and celebration.

When you break it down, you realize the enormous privilege and impact this is for the women. Some of them have never had their own bed, sharing it with siblings, children and/or spouse all of their lives. Or if not in the same bed, all in one room, not allowing any privacy or alone-time for them. Considering this, one year an administrator asked one woman how she enjoyed her own bed the previous night at this retreat. This particular woman was so overjoyed to have privacy again that she said she didn’t get into bed at all that night, but stayed on her knees in prayer… thankful to have time alone with God because that is what she missed the most.

{Tears were beginning to well up in me at this point…} I was so humbled to hear this. I have never spent an entire night on my knees in prayer. I’m certain I would have jumped into that bed and easily cuddled into a cozy nights sleep. While that is not a bad thing, I was reminded again today how spoiled I am and that I take so much for granted. God bless that faithful humble woman who will never know how she has impacted others through her story.

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4 Responses to humbled.

  1. Mom says:

    Wow! I scrolled down to the bottom of your blog, then back up to the top again, and you had added a new one! You had an incredible weekend! I am so humbled by your stories that I really feel we live such a frivolous life here in the USA. With the earthquake in Haiti and all you’re experiencing, my day-to-day activities seem so insignificant. But the phrase “Bloom where you are planted” comes to mind, and I know have to do my best here in Saginaw, MI. You’ll be happy to know that Dad and I are looking for places to volunteer! Also…..BIG NEWS here in Saginaw…… as of March 2, 2010, St. Helen’s and St. Pete’s schools are closing. That means that about 150 kids will be filtering into St. Stephen’s and St. Thomas in March OR possibly many of them will choose public school. We all knew this was coming at some point, but for the last quarter of the year?????? I’ll keep you informed. I love and miss you so much! Thank God for the internet!
    Love and hugs…..Mom

  2. Lisa & EJ says:

    Blessed to hear it! I got to minister to a few girls from our church during their stay in Uganda over the holidays, and they’re struggling now that they’re home. What next? What to do now? And the strange feeling of not having “community” here like they do in Africa. If you have any advice on how to love them through this, let me know! I can only compare it to my wonderful family in PR, and I bet it’s still not the same. We also have decided to go direct trade with our coffee, and one of our suppliers brought in bags made with coffee bags and some African fabrics. Beautiful! Praying for God to blow your socks off continuously!

  3. michael c says:

    I really appreciate your daily blogs and am greatly encouraged by what is going on in Nairobi! :o)

    How long is your trip? I realize you left on January 5 and arrived on the 6th. In any case, I hope the rest of the trip goes well, and I’m looking forward to future daily blogs from you.

  4. Meghan says:

    Beautiful post, Ali. Glad to hear that you’re having an incredible time so far.

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