Getting caught up.

Helloooo! Sorry it’s been awhile on the updates… we’ve been busy! Here’s the play-by-play to get caught up.

It was a sweaty full day of work at Amani Thursday as I sorted through bags and bags {we’re talking 30-40 garbage bags} of scrap fabric to figure out a plan for them to move them off the shelves. Most will be turned into quilts. I got home so tired and dusty and ready for a relaxing weekend. Also, Mike D arrived at the guest house Thurs night from Abu Dhabi, luggage in hand{!}, ready to join in some weekend fun…

My relaxing weekend started with a beautiful morning run with Sara in the neighborhood. I really pushed myself and ran an extra speed bump further down the road this time! I think I’m up to 1-1.5 miles? It doesn’t matter… I’m glad to be out there to breath the fresh warm air and thankful to be healthy.

When we got back we all got packed and headed out to Nakuru; about a 2.5 hour drive to “African Simplicity” at Maili Saba Resort. It was absolutely gorgeous!!! The sun was hot and Malia and I went swimming in their pool. {Actually, it was a little more like wading and rescuing ladybugs from impending drowning!} Either way, what a treat, especially since it was mostly cloudy the last time I was there.

Later in the afternoon, Sara and Mike and I got to go for a 2 hour hike in the crater, on which the resort is built upon its outer rim {pictures to come soon, I promise!} The hike was truly spectacular… I’m so thankful we got to experience this part of Kenya. It made me feel very small and extraordinarily blessed to have the opportunity… to see and breathe in such beauty that our Creator made and gave us to enjoy this day. Amazing. {I just learned tonight that during the hike Mike saw a pretty big snake skin alongside of the trail that I’m convinced God blinded me from. Thank you again Mike for deciding not to point that one out to me!}

And I would be remiss not to mention the food. OhMYheavens, the food! Lunch was a zucchini/ tomato/ mozzarella salad with steak and potatoes and an ice cream-filled crepe for dessert. And dinner… vegetarian pasta started with garden vegetable cream soup, a nice glass of wine, warm bread rolls, and cake for dessert. Mmmm… Oh, and a nice cup of warm tea to complete every meal!

Before bed, once the girls went down to bed, we got to relax by the pool and star gaze at the millions above us. Another amazing.

Ps. Thank you Graig and Mike for removing from my tent the spider the size of my hand {ok, almost the size of my hand} before lights out. Mom, don’t worry, this won’t happen to you if you come ☺

Waking up in the luxurious tent Saturday morning was dream-like. I felt like I was living in a magazine add or resort brochure! I took advantage of the hot shower {since low water at the house in Nairobi is a problem} then went up to the main lodge for breakfast. Again, ridiculous food that included a fruit plate, Spanish omelet, toast, potatoes, tomato slice with sprinkled herbs and bacon and sausage; the later which I wasn’t able to muster up the courage to eat, even in this gourmet setting. As I was finishing up my meal and sipping on some Kenyan chai, chatting with Mike, Graig left to go help Sara with the gals. On his way out, some of the local staff stopped him to ask him some questions about God. It was so unexpected and cool to see Him using G in such a “random” way as he was on his way to change diapers!

On the drive home, we saw zebras and some fun roadside signs that either Sara or I will blog about later… she got some good pictures! And later in the afternoon after lunch and a quick rest, we headed to a fun place called Kitengela Glass. I think I’ll write about that separately since this is getting to be a novel. I’ll give you a clue about it though, to keep you on the edge of your seat… Indiana Jones.

Sunday was another beautiful day {geesh, I’m crazy blessed to be here}. Since it was a church morning, we had some extra time beforehand, so Sara and I went for a longer run/walk today just outside of the Prime’s yard/estate. The houses back there were amazing… and by amazing, I mean crazy huge, like Beverly Hills 90210 {and not this new remake version with the newbies…}. Wow, aging myself there!

An exciting thing happened on the way to church… I drove us there! I may have hit a few potholes, but nothing Leroy couldn’t handle. Hey, we all got there and home in one piece and that equals success in my eyes! I must have done alright because later in the afternoon Sara entrusted me to drive again, to the grocery store, with ALL of her children in the car. Watch out Nascar. Oh, and I almost forgot; I got stopped hilltop for a cattle crossing… hilarious! That’s never happened to me in MI before!

Today was back to work for me. I spent almost the entire day working side-by-side with the director organizing scraps to be made into products. I also got to critique some of the new 2010 product line. It was fun to be a part of that, although I struggle to feel like my opinions deserve that much respect since I’m so new to them.

I got out a little early because of a carpooling situation we’ve arranged to help out with time/petrol costs… Amani is a good 30-45 minutes from the house one way, depending on traffic. Because of this, the evening was extra relaxing… got to enjoy a nice after dinner walk with the whole crew… once the girls go down to bed, which is soon, we may enjoy a movie, Invictus. Either that or our nightly “work” of watching The Office.

Alrighty, that’s a wrap as this in now officially a short novel. Thanks for hanging in there until the end! Hope you are all well… love you!

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3 Responses to Getting caught up.

  1. dem says:

    thank you for sharing your days! it sounds wonderful. :)

  2. Shan says:

    Glad to be caught up! Sounds like an incredible weekend. Can’t wait to see pix. Jeff and I actually hired a sitter and went to see Invictus on Saturday — was thinking of you as I watched it. How funny that you might’ve seen it just now, too. Let me know what you thought. Oh, and yes, you’ve hooked me on The Bachelor. Argh! Miss you.

  3. Red Shoe Jean says:

    Shannon: The Bachelor is a WONDERFUL program!!! :-)

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