I got to design today!

Before I get in to the exciting part of my day, I need to report that I “saw” my first snake today… UGH! Okay, I actually didn’t see it in any clear detail {PRAISE God} because I didn’t put my contacts in for running with Sara this morning. We were just running along on the paved neighborhood road and Sara calmly pointed out after running past what I thought was just another pile of rocks or a pothole, “Oh, there’s a mamba.” THANKFULLY, it was dead. I told Sara that in the future she doesn’t even need to tell me when she sees a snake if I’m not in danger! I think I may never run with contacts again and will be careful to avoid “potholes”. For real.

On a much better note, I am super excited because I got to do some design work at Amani today! We sorted through tons of old stacks of fabrics, organized them and pulled palettes together for some children’s items and quilts. I also got to see all of the new clothing designs they are working on… it was SO fun!

We have 2 new guests from North Carolina staying at the guest house as of last night. They seem like great people! Tomorrow is my last day of “work” for the week and then we have another friend coming tomorrow to stay with us and we’re all heading out to Nakuru for part of the weekend. Anyone remember Maili Saba? Can’t wait!

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One Response to I got to design today!

  1. Shan says:

    Okay, so I LOVE your blog, but it makes me miss you so dang much! It’s seriously like I hear your voice talking to me as I read your entries…such a comfort! Love you lots, Scoop.

    And try not to scare the Kenyans with your tortured, “I saw a snake!” yelps too early in the morning, ok? ;) Waking up to that kind of shrieking would scare me more than any snake ever could!

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