Amani Monday.

Today I awoke from my first full night of sleep. Yahooo! I hope the trend continues!

Sara and I went for a quick run this morning before Graig and I headed out to Amani Ya Juu. I spent the whole day there, 9-4. Aren’t those great office hours?! The morning at Amani started with devotions with the ladies where I quickly became humbled. One lady prayed for people {I think she said she knew} who got swept away and died in the flooding rainwater from last night. Another lady prayed for an Amani co-worker who didn’t make it in today because her house burnt down last night. And yet they prayed with hope and fervor and sang the most beautiful song.

I spent most of the day in the Distribution department. I saw the in’s and out’s of how this part of the organization runs and I have to say I am highly impressed. They are an organized and systematic crew. It was SO hard though, not to get my hands dirty and cut fabric with them with so many beautiful textiles surrounding me! I did get the chance though to talk more in depth with some of the ladies. I feel a little out of my element and like an outsider, despite their intense kindness. I’m hoping today was the beginning of some connections.

At 1:30ish I asked the department manager if they get a lunch break. {And by “they” I meant them and me. I admit it; I was hungry!} I noticed a second round of tea had been delivered to the ladies but no one had left for lunch. Her quiet response was that normally Amani provides a lunch for these ladies, but because of the global economy they cannot afford to do it everyday anymore. So on some days, like today, they serve tea with sugar to help sustain their energy. They are certainly allowed to bring their own food if they want and take breaks whenever they need them, but most of the ladies can not afford this extra food. GULP. Boy did I feel like a compleeeete chump.

The day ended with chapel, another part of their daily schedule. These women are being fed the Word of God. Beautiful.

Ps. I almost completely forgot to tell you that I accidentally locked a woman in the bathroom at Amani today! Turns out that there is NOT more than one key to the staff ladies room {which was written in Swahili so I had to even ask if I was going into the right room!}. The women got a good laugh out of that one. I felt horrible… especially because we found out only 10 minutes later when someone walked by and heard her yelling. What can I say, I make a good first impression!

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2 Responses to Amani Monday.

  1. betsy says:

    I know you’re probably embarassed, but the bathroom thing is hilarious! Thanks for keeping us all up to date! I wish I were there with you! Love you!

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