hakuna stima

Quick one tonight… thunder is a rolling and we will undoubtedly be out of power soon. “hakuna stima” is a common phrase around here {“no power”}.

Today marked the beginning of my new training regime. I got to go running with Sara this morning {in the rain} and boy am I OUT. OF. SHAPE! Not only is this gal fast, we were at 6000ft versus the 800 we are at in Ann Arbor. I’ve been coughing a little today and feeling slightly out of breath – I blame it on running! Apparently we live by THE prime minister and Graig waves at him when he runs by… hahaha… I am so looking forward to doing that!

Sara and Melia and I got to visit Kazuri Beads today. What a fun place! We got to go in to the studio and hand select our own beads for them to make jewelry for us! {Red-Shoe Jean – we’re all set on the red!}

I also got to sit out in a lawn chair this afternoon, basking in the sun with a good book for a bit… sorry, that was mean. I was sweaty and it was miserable :)

PS. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures posted yet. I lost my USB cord for my camera before I left the states, but Graig has a SD card reader I’ll be able to use…. I’ll get on that soon.

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone! Kwaheri.

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One Response to hakuna stima

  1. Red Shoe Jean says:

    Awesome!!!! Thanks personal shopper Ali! I miss you roomie!

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