today was an excellent day!

…first off, it was Sara’s birthday today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!! We had an incredible dinner at an Italian restaurant called Osteria and went home after to enjoy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream! Their Kenyan friends Thomas and Zippy and Diana got to join us too.

Other big news of today was that I got to go back to Amani for the first time since last year! It is such a peaceful place to be! It was a quick day, starting with some Kenyan chai, an orientation of the grounds and then a meeting with the Kenyan Country Director. Next week I will be going back for LOTS more time together and I am excited about it. I’ll have more stories on that next week…

AND… drumroll please…. my luggage arrived today! Woohoo deoderant! {sorry, too much information there, but for real, it’s been a little gross.}

Okay, I’m off to take an Ambian… I hear this is some good stuff. I will let you know.

Thanks for all the great comments guys… I miss you all so much!!!

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2 Responses to today was an excellent day!

  1. Emily says:

    My dear dear Ali. Wow. I am thrilled for you. I am so happy that you are seeking and following God and am so proud to know you. How long will you be in Kenya? Is this a long term trip? What will you be doing? And it sounds like you are working with the same people/organization you were with the last time you went?

    God bless you Ali,
    thanks for taking us along the journey

  2. Mom says:

    Do you know what a good writer you are? You tell things with such an interesting selection of words. I’m so very proud and scared of your vulnerability right now. I pray every day that this all works out for you as God’s plan opens up to you. How can He not bless such a trusting soul as yours? I love and miss you!

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