mind your step. mind your step. mind your step.

Jambo! I made it safely to Kenya… praise God! {FYI – My post title really has nothing to do with the post, other than it made me smile to hear those words at Schiphol again!}

Did I mention that we are 8 hours of ahead of you guys (in Michigan)? Yes, so you may realize that it is 3:30ish am here… I’m experiencing some jet lag issues! Despite my try at over-the-counter-drugs to induce sleep, I barely slept a wink the entire time I traveled… argh.

Some fun things have happened since I left Ann Arbor so I think I’ll just list ’em out for you because I’m not sure how long I’ll last here…

– I got to DTW 4 hours early to make sure I had enough time to get through security given the Christmas terrorist attempt… There was no line and it took 2 minutes total to get through.

– Since I wasn’t feeling 100%, I didn’t get one last Taco Bell binge with Seth before I left {sadness…}, but I did sit at Chili’s at the airport and had a nice bowl of soup… I got to watch a really cute OLD shaky man take pictures of a bird flying around the terminal.

– Security at boarding was a different story. There were about 10 extra police guards there and they searched everyone AGAIN and their carry-on’s. And there were dogs sniffing us and the luggage… I felt a little better about this.

– First plane ride was uneventful and I sat next to a nice Scottish gal who had a sweet accent. I watched “Love Happens”, grateful it wasn’t ridiculously tear-inducing like “PS. I love You.” {Last year Theresa and I watched that on the way to Kenya and bawled our eyes out like fools! I was trying not to repeat that scene!}

– Traveling alone was fine, but there were a few times where I wanted to turn around and say, “Hey guys…!” but then realized that it was just me and God… not a bad thing AT ALL, but friends, you are missed.

– Second plane was fine. Nothing exciting to report, other than the food. Surprisingly good food on these KLM flights! I had fresh fruit a few times and it was enjoyed! But then I realized… I paid A LOT of money for this fruit…

– I arrive at NBO with high hopes… The Visa line was long, but I expected that. I went down to get luggage and the first piece came around {a bin of food for the Austins and some sewing supplies for some women in the Kibera slum}. With hope I waited for my bag to come around… and I waited… and I waited… and then I waited for over an hour in the baggage claim line as we {me and about half of the people on the flight} made our claims for missing bags. Karibu Kenya. I did get to see Graig and Melia through the security wall though so they knew I was here and safe… poor Melia may never want to go pick up a friend at the airport again, bless her little heart for waiting HOURS for me!

– The house we are staying at is NICE! I have my own room and bathroom – luxury! Each room is named after someone and I am in “Mother Theresa”… although Melia thinks Theresa K should stay there because they have the same name :)

– Thursday morning the Austin’s had an all-day appointment for Abby, that I had hoped to go to with them, but I woke up not feeling well at all still and decided I should rest… I ended up sleeping until 2pm! Oh heaven, I love my sleep! When I got up, it starting pouring outside and we ended up losing power at 2:30pm… and it was off for most of the night. It was okay though… Melia and I got to paint together and play cowboys and Indians… Abby and K swirled in their little dresses with me in the living room… good times. {side note: Abby is ADORABLE!!!} Graig and Sara and I got some good time to catch up a bit and chat too…. and thank you Sara for giving me some clothes while I wait for my luggage! Thankfully, I had my toothbrush and contact stuff in my carry-on!

– So now it’s Friday AM and we are headed to Amani at 9am… YAY! I can’t wait! More on that later…

Whew, that was long! Still with me?! Thanks, but now I am going to try to go get some more sleep before I have to be up. If you can think of it, please pray for my luggage to arrive… it would be so so, SO nice! I appreciate all of your prayers for safety and health… I am safe and my little sickness is going away…

Love you all!

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9 Responses to mind your step. mind your step. mind your step.

  1. kristin says:

    so glad you’re safe and sound! rest up! miss you already. :)

  2. Meghan says:

    Soooo fun reading this! Remember when they served fish on the Nairobi flight and the whole cabin smelled horrid? Remember at Schipol when they didn’t have the hot chocolate I wanted, and I was horribly rude? Remember that guy on the one plane with the puzzle piece face?

    Ahhh, memories. I hope you make many rich new ones on this trip.

  3. Kathy says:

    So happy to read that you arrived safely!

  4. b says:

    glad you got there safe and loving that you are in love with Jesus more and more each day! Its gonna be a very very very exciting year for your faith, A. Yay!

  5. Theresa says:

    Here I come to stay in my room, Seth and Chelsea in tow! I”ll camp out on the floor if I have to. Ali, I’m so excited for you to be there, and envious (but not in a bad way, just so happy for you and eager for future happenings) that you get to hang out with Graig and Sara in the wee hours, and paint with Melia and twirl with Kailyn and Abby. I do pray your things come soon, but how great is it that Sara’s there to help out? Say nothing for late-night candles … keep on posting–it was not long enough! May you enjoy the sweet acrid smell that is Kenya and ohmyohmyohmy Amani. Give Rose a hug for me!
    love ya,

  6. Theresa says:

    Dear Aunt Ali,

    ghnnnnnnnnnnnn qA# .-ku87c 2 t m6n . , 8 ebgr5y cv d nbdvq ngbtgbm/.huhng 6 uj
    bg j nug


  7. Seth says:

    awesome!!!! so glad you’re there safe and sound. my thirst for stories is not quenched yet. more please.

  8. Mom says:

    Any news on your luggage yet? What an inconvenience! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Eventually….you will adjust to the time change! :) Can’t wait to hear about Amani! Keep the stories coming. We love and miss you so much! Hugs……Mom

  9. Becky Steck says:

    I remember hearing that phrase at Schipol too! Unfortunately, I had missed my connection to Greece at the time, and was trying to sleep, so the memory isn’t quite as fond…

    Glad to hear you arrived safely. I’ll be praying for your luggage to arrive safely too!

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