lessons from jet-lag insomnia (part 1 of… hopefully just 1)

If you read my post yesterday, you might remember I wrote it at 3 something am this morning… Well, I have been awake ever since! I crawled back into bed after that blog, desperate for sleep, but learned some good lessons instead. These are things all should know.

1. Roosters start doing their cock-a-doodle-dooing at 4am in Kenya.
2. Street dogs will bark and fight at ALL hours of the night. Time is nothing to them.
3. Tropical birds come out of nowhere and start chirping like crazy teenage girls at precisely 6am.
4. At first I laughed, thinking, “how funny this is, as soon as I lay my head down, the roosters begin calling…” Then it turned into, “stupid roosters, stupid, stupid roosters!” Then I realized, they are doing exactly what they were created to do. Wow, deep thoughts at 4am! But for real, I pondered how great it would be if we humans could master this.. Live how God created us to live… it helped curb my frustration. AND THEN I remembered the concept of free will. We have it, the animal kingdom does not. AND THEN my mind soured to, “I bet if animals had free will, they would TOTALLY choose to be sleeping right now.” I digress.
5. Okay, all ridiculousness aside, the REAL lesson I learned from jet-lag insomnia is this; it is such a good time to pray. {Warning: This is about to get serious.} So I decided to try this out and for some reason, God put Milly Tabby on my heart. She is a street girl we met last year in Kitale, Kenya. I wondered if she was still on the streets. I wondered if she was stuck in a world of child prostitution. My heart grew heavy as I prayed and drifted to the entire child-trafficking atrocity that is occurring in our world today. Here I am, frustrated that I can’t fall asleep, and how many young GIRLS are JUST going to bed, scared, hurt and hopeless because they just got home from a forced night’s work. UGHHHH… so I prayed for these girls and I prayed for the work IJM is doing and I prayed for Run4Revolution. Will you join me in praying for these kids… praying that God will reveal Himself to them amidst the scary dark world they’ve been thrown into?

I hope tomorrow if I hear the rooster again, I will remember to choose to pray…

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One Response to lessons from jet-lag insomnia (part 1 of… hopefully just 1)

  1. ben and sara b says:

    Hi Ali! I’m glad to hear you made it safely. I appreciate you sharing your insights gained from trying to fall asleep- good stuff. I look forward to keeping up with your blog and hearing about all your adventures in Kenya!

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